Hell wins

September 28th, 2011 by Barley


We beat Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil! Alright, so not really but I’ll be damned if we go through that last level again. Now we’re¬†jumping right back on the recording train and recording a ton of footage for you guys, including Silent Hill, Dead Island, a few smaller parts and soon Cryostasis. Due to people constantly bugging me to do so, I put up a donate page and thanks to a few really awesome people who donated, I should have enough to cover any bandwidth charges. So to show my appreciation, Dead Island and Crystasis will come rendered in full blown fancy pants 720p.

Silent Hill will come in 480p. I might upscale to 720p just for the sake of consistancy, but I’m not sure yet. ¬†Obviously, we can’t do anything about it being naturally 480p due to the fact that the game doesn’t support HD. We’ll be going back and forth between games, it’s not going to be like previous months where it was Amnesia all month or Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut. I feel this will keep it fresh for you guys.

This won’t be the only big October announcement either, but we’ll leave those as surprises until we’re ready to announce them. Thanks for the support everyone!

Also special thanks to Dimfire and Garret Montoya for donating Dead Island to me and Spike so we could even do it in the first place. You guys are the awesome.

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  1. matthew Says:

    i like ur videos lol i cant wait 4 silent hill

  2. AdrainShephard Says:

    YAY love ur vids

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