Haoppy New Years

January 1st, 2012 by Barley

I wanna thank everybody who came out to the New Years cast last night, it was a fun filled night of alcohol, Christmas presents, hang outs on Google+, Spike telling everybody that he’s shaved recently, Occupying YouTube, harassing 1MewTwo on Twitter, etc…

We had the option to go out and get drunk at a party last night, but we decided we’d rather spend it with you guys on Twitch. And why shouldn’t we? It’s thanks to you that we’ve had such an amazing 2011, I would have never predicted this last New Years. Hell, last New Years I was still making The Residents and Spike n’ Barley Play was just an idea I was trying to convince Spike to do. 1 year later, I’m just as sleep deprived and we’ve made our subscriber count go tenfold. Last January we had just under 1000 subscribers, tonight the channel should be hitting near 10,000 subscribers. That’s insane, but we only have you guys to thank for it.

Last night I also let everybody know that we’ll be doing a Cry of Fear stream in February. Spike and myself will be doing the co-op campaign leading up to the release of the mod. I’ll be putting up a video later this month with more information on that, but I can officially say that we’re both super psyched for it.

We had planned on sending out Christmas letters for all those donators who donated back in November for our headsets, but I thought it’d be a little more personal if I sent them out for our 1 year birthday of “Spike n’ Barley Play” instead. I’ll have a video of me sending those out in the next few weeks as it gets closer to January 21st.

I suppose I should also use this time to address a long unanswered question, my Resident Evil machinimas. I had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends making those, and essentially it’s what started my channel and potentially set Spike and I on our year long roller coaster ride. As much fun as I had making them, they also brought a lot of sleepless nights and added a lot of stress to a few of my friendships. I decided to throw in the towel while I still could. I might return to machinima one day, but right now I want to enjoy what’s in front of me.

Anyways, back on topic.┬áIt’s been one crazy trip, and I’ve made a lot of cool friends along the way, so here’s to 2012. Hope to see you all at the next New Years.

Until next year,

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