October 10th, 2011 by Barley

As the video says, it’s my birthday today. I figured I’d use this random event to update you guys on whats been happening. As a lot of you have noticed, we’ve gotten partnership with The Game Station. This is probably the coolest thing to happen to us yet, and we have you guys to thank for it. So this month I decided to launch a new SnBP series called Favorite Moments. It’ll showcase a certain month’s favorite moments of Spike n’ Barley Play, throughout the second half of October I’ll be uploading a ton of them starting with January. I’ll do this until we’re caught up and can release episodes at the end of each month. I wouldn’t say it’s the “Best of” because that’s subjective and different for everybody. But call it whatever you want.

We redesigned the entire channel, thanks to Brandon Davenport ( for that one. He did a really awesome job. Be sure to check out his site. We also have just finished Version 3 of the Spike n’ Barley Intro. I pretty much have Alex Hamm to thank for getting such a sweet intro done. All I did was contact him, told him what I wanted, how I wanted it and made him the music. What I got back completely blew me away. So props to him.
Anyways guys, hopefully you all enjoy what we have in store for you in October. Later!

7 Responses to “Cake”

  1. MrMcMannington Says:

    Happy birthday man!

  2. Fo2a Says:

    Happy Birthday mate ! 🙂

  3. Fatalsirus Says:

    Happy Birthday Barley! And Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  4. PsychoFox Says:

    Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving Day, Meester Man! ^u^

    Can’t wait to see what new videos you guys have in store~! 😀

  5. AlexHamm Says:

    Happy Birthday, bro 8D

  6. Abundant42 Says:

    Haoppy almost late birthdayyy. little old mister bro. :33

  7. BertBert Says:

    Is Renny dead?

    He sounded like one of the reporters from Family Guy

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