Barley is a series of videos where I generally just speak my mind about random video game topics. It started as a side project that I tinkered with now and then, but after seeing such an overwhelmingly positive response to the first episode. I’ve now turned it into a full time series.

Want to suggest a topic? Want to throw your opinion my way about a topic I’ve talked about? Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook!

I’d like to personally thank Alex Hamm and TheRetroZombie for their continued work on each episode of Barley. Check them out if you enjoy the visuals of the episodes.




Is there a schedule?

Barley videos take a lot of time and effort. I TRY and aim to release a video once every 6-8 weeks. Like SnBP, I aim for weekdays at 2pm EST/11am PST.


Who all works on these videos?

Andrew “Barley” Cochrane

Andrew “Barley” Cochrane
Alex Hamm (vfx)

Art & Animation
TheRetroZombie (animated bits)
Klowing (intro art)
ZombieWang (intro art)
Spudmeister (intro art)


What software/hardware do you use?

Recording Software
I use GoldWave for recording audio.

Recording Hardware
My recording mic is a Blue Yeti microphone, I highly recommend buying one for any sort of semi-professional recording. As for the live action bits, I film using a Nikon D3200 with a 18-55mm Kit Lens and a 35mm Fixed Lens.

Editing Software
I prefer to use Sony Vegas Pro 12 for video editing.

Streaming Software
For streaming on, I use XSplit streaming at 720p.

What are your computer specs?

OS – Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
CPU – Intel Core i5-2500K
GPU – XFX Radeon HD 6850


I want to listen to the Barley theme!

Not really a question, but you can find it on my Soundcloud.


What was that song used in ____?

I list all the songs I use in the description of every video.