B-Movie II is coming soon

July 1st, 2012 by Barley

In January, the plan was I was going to get in a car with a tiny man and drive to Barley’s house in Ottawa to hang out for a few days and eat burgers and play video games. In the midst of all the excitement leading up to the big event, our creativity kicked in and we had an idea to shoot real life footage of people! B-Movie was an idea that manifested itself from hours of Skype calls and eventually my camera slowly found it’s way into my suitcase and squarely pointed at Barley’s beautiful face. Upon the release of B-Movie, the spirit of our filmed shenanigans carried onto the Youtube channel with inspired clips like Pass the Salt, Double Work, Touch of Barley and Cinco Cinco, and with that, our viscous obsession with the camera led us to this point.

With our bags packed, Bear tucked away in the Mustang and an open road ahead of us, we set out to capture something that has been in the making for the past 6 years; a magical friendship finally being completed, and new friends being added to the family. B-Movie II has surpassed our expectations, weighing in at around 1h 20m in length and was shot in glorious 1080p (will be available online in 720p streaming, 1080p version may be available for download). Everything we’ve captured on a camera has inspired us, and lead to our first full length movie. We hope you’ll enjoy B-Movie II: Bear Does America coming July 6th 2012. We will not be hosting it on the Youtube channel because Youtube doesn’t like good music.

On the date, you will be able to view the video here – http://bit.ly/bmovie2


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