My name is Andrew Cochrane, but most people on the internet know me as Barley.

I started my YouTube channel with a few Resident Evil videos. Nothing that great. They did decent, especially for being on a channel with no subscribers in 2006 and the fact that I had never sent any of those videos around. Eventually I got onboard with a really cool guy named Shaun Clark(Weskershouse) who created a really bitchin’ machinima series for Resident Evil 4 called “Days of Our Lives“. I landed the part of Krauser and a ton of other extras in the later episodes. I had always wanted to make a Resident Evil machinima myself, and so I thought with the help of  Shaun, I could make that a reality. Thus “Raccoon City Stories” was born, and it was pretty damn successful! Infact, it is the most popular Resident Evil 2 machinima on the internet to date. Unfortunately, that too ended up dying off due to real life after only 3 episodes. You can check them out on a friend’s channel, as I moved them to let my main channel focus on Spike & Barley. 🙁 Bye bye 300k+ views.

In mid 2010, I was playing Ghoul’s Forest 3 with my friend Spike. After noticing we had a certain charm to our chemistry, I suggested we should record a few videos. I thought it’d be cool to look back on the videos down the road for a good laugh whenever one of us needed cheering up. Eventually in early 2011, we recorded the first Spike & Barley. Just a few months after we started putting our silly videos up, they were found by Facepunch and we blew up. Since then, I would like to think that I’ve come to meet a lot of really great people as a direct result of this. Infact, it’s everybody’s continued support that allowed me to gain the confidence to pursue the “Barley” videos that I’ve wanted to do for years. It was also because of Spike & Barley that I got to meet a lot of great new friends, which even ended up with me being the star of 2 silly road trip movies. B-Movie and B-Movie 2.

That’s my boring story.